Let’s see whether we can trust JustDoMyHomework writing service

When it comes to college, the thing of utmost importance is no longer the knowledge you receive from the lesson; it’s the grade you receive from it. If you do not get a good grade, you won’t get the satisfaction of a lesson well-learned – mainly because it will be clouded by failed classes and missed scholarships.

At this point, one really learns to appreciate essay writing services. In my case, I work every day to pay for my college taxes – which means I don’t have much time left for assignments. This is how I came across JustDoMyHomework.com – a website that had lots of different customer reviews, but I decided to take my chances. Here’s a feedback on JustDoMyHomework with my experience with their services.

What’s Just Do My Homework?

JustDoMyHomework.com is like any other typical writing services out there. It provides written academic services for those who need assignments such as research papers, essays, term papers, dissertations – basically, papers of college level, at both standard and premium level.

Depending on your budget, urgency level, and preferences, this website provides their services at different deadlines. For example, you may purchase them for an assignment due in 24 hours – or you may buy them for an exam you have in two weeks.

I, for one, purchased a paper for an exam I had in seven days – mostly because I did not want to wait until the last minute to get my homework done. I already knew that I would not have the time to do it myself, so I wouldn’t drag it.

What I Got in Return

The moment I laid eyes upon the paper, I saw that they had fairly good skills with their formatting. The paragraphs were laid out nicely, the bibliography was added in order, and it looked like an average college paper. That is, until you started reading its contents.

Some of the information I needed was, indeed, there. I asked for a paper on the history of the Holocaust, and there was no lack of information – although the Just Do My Homework writers could have looked for some more academic resources.

The problems, however, laid in the way that they delivered the information. While the paragraphs were structured nicely, I could see a big problem in the language that has been used. It was packed with grammatical and sentence errors, in a way that I could only describe as being sloppy.

This was actually a surprise, considering that the samples all looked very nice. The testimonials also looked great, so I figured I should trust their feedback. Needless to say, if they would have at least used an editor or a grammar-checking program, things would have been much better.

The Prices Concerned

Normally, I would have nothing against paying $15 per page, like JustDoMyHomework.com asks for the average paper. For these prices, however, I would still expect that they are more attentive to their texts. At this rate, I would have to pay for an extra editor, which would surely bump the price an extra $10.

I did, however, receive a few discounts, which I could see are available to new and returning customers as well. A new customer would receive a fairly generous discount promo code based on the number of pages that they have ordered, and a returning customer would also receive coupon codes as a token of their appreciation.

The prices are, therefore, alright – and the security level of the payments is also superior. My only problem here with JustDoMyHomework.com is the fact that they don’t concern themselves with something trivial such as good grammar.

Extras Brought to the Table

The fact that JustDoMyHomework.com added some additional benefits into the mix managed to raise their rating. I found some samples that were well-written, and I could use them as a resource for my next homework batch.

There were no plagiarism reports, however, unless I specifically requested them – and I would obviously have to pay extra. They did offer free revisions, but only if I proved the writer did not follow my instructions precisely. When it came to grammar, it wouldn’t change much.

Overall, while this essay writing service may be a good option for a high-school student with English as their second language, it wouldn’t be as good for someone majoring in it. There should be way better services out there.

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