Five Online Writing Services that Students Should Avoid

The following online writing services have come to our attention because of several complaints regarding the websites. Because of this, we made sure to make a thorough investigation of each company to see whether or not these are still the good companies that they used to be at the start or if they basically just went downhill from there.

  1. BuyEssay is a U.K.-based company which has been in the industry for eight years. The company has a unique rating system which makes their pricing fluctuate based on several factors and which may cause customers to actually pay additional fees. These have been basically the major reason for customer complaints. Regrettably, their customer service appeared to be unhelpful with our queries which were supposed to be simple and basic. Its prices start at $15 per page which is higher than the average rates in the industry. Discounts are also hard to come by and customers will have to really seek for it. It does exist, however, in the form of a progressive discount system based on total value of orders.
  1. American-Writers maintains a poorly-written website which is already a cause for alarm at the onset. Customer reviews are not very friendly towards the company as well with most of it complaining about grammatical errors. Our test with the company proved that, indeed, this company produces horrible results! We were not even given the chance to communicate with our assigned writer. The customer support was also not as helpful as we would want it to be. Additionally, prices at the company are set higher than average starting at $17.95 per page. The company does not offer any other freebies.
  1. PaperWritings is an online writing service established in 2010. A lot of customer reviews are geared towards the negative as regards quality so this was something we wanted to assess first. Regrettably, we confirmed the reviews by finding out that our order was poorly-written both substantively and technically. As for their customer service, they were only helpful at the start and started to be dismissive once we made the complaints. With the quality of the orders, the prices appear to be unreasonable in hindsight. While it starts at $9.97, there were a lot of additional fees charged. While there appear to be some positive reviews for the site, we cannot attest to their veracity as we have experienced the exact opposite.
  1. EssayAcademia is an academic writing service. We are going to be direct and say that the only positive review we can give this company is that it submitted before the deadline. As for the quality, it was simply horrid and unacceptable. Its customer service agents are nice and apologetic but this is useless if even after revisions are done, quality remains to be missing. Its prices start at $18.95 which is higher than the average rates in the industry and with the apparent lack of quality in its products, we find it simply deplorable. Additionally, the company misleads the customers by saying that drafts were provided for free but are, in fact, priced at $5.
  1. Lastly, EssayJedi is an online academic writing service established in 2013. While the web content appears to be very short, we have already spotted a number of grammatical errors. We could not find any writing samples as well which made it a little difficult to gauge the quality of its products. Nonetheless, based on the purchase we made, we could tell by the grammatical and structural errors, as well as the poor citations, that this company does not produce high-quality papers. These negative findings are even corroborated by several customer reviews found off-site. Since the company observes a bidding system, we cannot compare it with other writing services. Lastly, we could not find any other additional features which could have at least made the service a little better.

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